Day Dreamer  60"x 48"  SOLD

Day Dreamer 60"x 48" SOLD

2013  60"x 48" Oil on canvas
  • A lone Bison stands on top of a hill overlooking a vast valley. A low rumble in the distance from a passing afternoon storm breaks the silence. Today this bull stands solitaire, his massive size a little more than a shadow of the past that these great animals once were. I don't know if Bison can day dream, but if he could, I'd like to think that he might hear the low rumble of the storm and imagine that it's a herd thousands strong making their way to new feeding grounds. At one point an estimated 20 to 30 million Bison once roamed the North American landscape stretching from the Appalachians to the Rockies, and the Gulf Coast to Alaska. In 1784, John Filson wrote of the herds in Northern Kentucky. "The amazing herds of buffaloes which resort thither, by their size and number, fill the traveller with amazement and terror,". The Journals of Lewis and Clark describe Western herds, "so numerous" that they "darkened the whole plains." Unfortunately, habitat loss and unregulated shooting reduced the population to under 1,200 Bison by 1889. Today fewer than 30,000 wild Bison are in conservation herds, and fewer than 5,000 and unfenced and disease free. This just shows that any wildlife population, no matter it's size, can vanish just as an afternoon storm.